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Asset Management

Our services evolved from a customer need to assist with assets that accumulated over time. The creation of the 401K in the 1980s and the shift to employee savings, favorable capital markets, compounding, rising real estate prices, some generational wealth transfer, some business success and efforts to save for the long term resulted in many families accumulating financial liquidity. Alongside these savings trends, corporations shifted away from traditional income pensions which created in many cases a clear need to accumulate financial liquidity.

Over the last decade our team has worked on the front lines of this financial liquidity, aka, savings and investments. We have worked with families with the basic and ongoing questions of how to grow and protect assets. We have interacted with investment managers, insurance companies and have seen the best and worst of an industry that will constantly evolve. We are confident in our abilities to provide careful and thorough analysis and we are dedicated to a fiduciary approach to find the best possible solutions for clients.

Our fiduciary processes include:

Portfolio analysis services: 
There are many asset management problems that can make asset compounding unsuccessful and less efficient. Our portfolio review team is dedicated to ongoing portfolio strategy and security level analysis.

Portfolio oversight services: 
Portfolio oversight is not a one-time event. This is an ongoing engagement to review assets held and to the suitability of the investments as these may relate to your lifestyle needs.

Research and communication services: 
As financial consultants, we receive vast amounts of research and literature about investment and financial planning concepts. We read and discuss these materials ongoing. We also believe our clients should have access to this information. We are dedicated to providing relevant market data and research to help educate and inform our clients as much as possible.

Assets management “in context” services: 
Our team of consultants will take the time to get to know you and your priorities.  After defining your objectives and risk-return posture, we create a personalized wealth building solution. As we work together, we will jointly discuss your savings and or distribution needs.

Collaborative teams: 
As your financial situation becomes more complex, we work with your tax, legal and other advisors to create a comprehensive solution that encompasses your overall financial needs. We have a background participating in and building “collaborative teams.”  We work to build a team of fiduciary minded professionals that provide quality and suitable services for your needs.

Online access: 
We have a service mission to provide online access that can help you view all of your liquid assets in one place. This can involve access to your accounts that we may hold and other financial assets we may not hold (e.g. 401ks, cash accounts. insurance policies, etc.). We believe there are many benefits to building a comprehensive online access point for all assets. We have dedicated a service team to assisting with online access and account aggregation matters.