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Financial Planning

Financial planning is a broad topic that can addresses many different areas. Sometimes planning is a highly analytical process and other times planning is a quick conversation about how you are setup with your accounts relative to markets and distribution or income needs. Some of the common financial planning areas we can assist with:

  • Pre-retirement - conversations and planning years before actual retirement
  • Retirement planning – conversations and planning for the big day/transition
  • Social security planning – analysis to determine social security maximization
  • Income and distribution planning – income in retirement or at other points in life is a careful science and process. We believe ongoing distribution monitoring is a critical process
  • Insurance planning - family protection, liquidity
  • Insurance planning – income protection
  • Estate planning - tax minimization and structures to assist with transitioning assets to your beneficiaries
  • Business planning – from benefits and hr, to payroll and cash flow, to entity formation or entity sale/exit, etc

From the most basic questions to the most complex, we are available to assist. Our client teams have a base of experience in all of the above topics and many more. Please ask us your questions and we will be happy to help with our local office resources or from our network of planning attorneys, accountants, and other subject matter experts.

Transition support is rarely discussed, however, we have learned that one of the most valuable services we provide is to assist families in transition events. Transition support is general way to cover the concept of when you or your family goes through a tough period or there is planning ahead of such events. This can mean:

  • When mom or dad needs long term health care services…how do we provide additional income to address this situation, how do we protect assets, who can provide advice?
  • When a family member passes away….how do we work with the attorney, how do we re-title and distribute assets? How do we access assets from life insurance and other beneficiary designated assets?
  • How do we re-title accounts, communicate with beneficiaries and carefully document the process
  • How do we deal with trust administration, trust distributions, trust ownership transfers?
  • How do we address asset protection planning? How do we change ownership of an asset? How is this transaction viewed in terms of gift tax implications
  • How do we address the attorneys instructions for an estate account?
  • Who will help the surviving spouse understand the assets and the investment plan?
  • How will the investment plan change to assist the surviving spouse and children?
  • How to address inherited IRA requirements for multiple beneficiaries?

The above are just a few situations where transition support can apply. Our team has worked to address these situations many times in the past. Our team is in place to assist with these difficult transitions, if and when they occur.