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Personal Insurance Services

Strategic Asset Services has more than 10 years consulting on insurance solutions. We have a dedicated insurance planning team that can assist in the following areas.

Family Protection:

We have learned in our work that insurance tools are often under-utilized to protect basic needs. As part of our financial planning process we assist clients is reviewing all lines of protection that can apply.

Insurance Asset Tracking:

We believe life insurance is a unique asset class requiring active management. To assist with this process, Strategic Asset Services offers a unique approach to policy management. With over a decade of experience tracking insurance assets, we have developed applications to ensure a "fiduciary service" approach to policy tracking and management. We believe this strategic approach to policy tracking provides families a unique opportunity for improved policy management and improved policy management and improved strategic decision making over policy assets.

Estate Planning Structures:

Our Team works with the client's professional advisors to analyze and illustrate the economics of insurance structures and funding approaches which can meet a client's specific gift, estate, and income tax planning needs. Our clients often own life insurance outside of their taxable estates. Life insurance portfolio acquisitions within these structures are typically funded with existing trust assets, lifetime exemption and annual exclusion gifts, intra-family loans, and private split dollar.